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Door panels are important functional parts and decorative parts in the automobile interior system, serving as the carrier for the electrical, electric devices, lights, and sound. The solutions we provide for DP atmosphere lights can offer the feeling of spaciousness, with lights shown on upper trims, handles, and map pockets.

With complete production line, door panel configurations cover from simple integration injection part to assy of comple processes.The design of door panel structure matches ergonomics requirement and reaches the highest standard for design, safety, and comfort. The combination of elbow room calculated by professional man-machine calibration, successful design and EP tests provide auto make it easier to provide solution to slide collision issues for OEMs.

Our DP manufacturing processes include:

Injection (Low Pressure injection, Bi-injection molding, and gas-assistance injection, IMD), covering (vacuumlamination, IMG, infrared covering, and manual covering), and welding (ultra-sonic, hot reverting, piercing, and hot plating).

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