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Inner door module is the window glass, lift motor system, wiring harness and other installation integrated into the door trim assembly, reducing the customer assemblyline process, to reduce the cost of the product.

The inner door module integration can be shared between different models and different platforms to reduce the size of the development process, save time and cost. At the same time,the inner door module can be used by advanced composite material technology to significantly reduce the weight of parts and vehicles, thereby improving vehicle performance and reduce the use of cost. Through the module assembly design can also simplify the structure, reduce parts and fastener data.

Moonroof beam is an important part of the  sunroof system. The main function of the moonroof beam is to drain the water from the sunroof into the car.

To help customers complete the design of the drainage structure, to prevent the leakage of excessive rainfall in the drainage system beyond the loador cause drainage system plug,resulting in rainwater overflow drain into the carInside. Reasonable choice of overlap size of moonroof beam and sunroof,so that the moonroof beam fully catch the water from thesunroof leaked the car, which successfully discharged outside the car.

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