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The company held a business meeting

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The company was held 2016 business meeting on January 20th, 2017

The company was held 2016 business meeting on the afternoon of January 20, 2017. All supervisors and department managers from Ningbo, Yangzhou and Dongguan plants attend the meeting. Mrs. Zhou Yahong, operational director, presided over the meeting and Mr. Jin Yemin, general manager, made an important speech.

The meeting in the spirit of innovation, pragmatic and divided into the first and second half to hold. In the first half, Mr. Ye Haibo, Manager of Finance Department, briefed the management staff on the completion of the business indicators of 2016. Then, Mrs. Ge Yuyan manager of the Quality Department showed the results of the 2016 Management Review and made the corresponding comments and gave 2017 working target of system; Subsequently, Jin Yemin general manager shown the company "2016-2020 five-year plan" content for the future development direction with exciting, detailed, rigorous speech, won everybody bursts of applause.

The second half of the question and answer session, pushed this business meeting to a climax. The company's general manager, director of operation, plant managers and manager of every departments which divided into five groups to answer the company's questions, included employee benefits, production operations, project management, market development, but also related to the company's development direction, strategy, goals and personal development of employees and other issues related to the future direction of the individual. The question raised sharply, staff answered confidently, witty, humor, commenters just right of the comments, so that the scene of the meeting climax, laughter come and go. Unconsciously, a summary of the past, associated with the next year, or even the next five years of business meetings in a warm, relaxed yet serious atmosphere near the end.
At the end of the meeting, General Manager Jin Ye Min said emotionally: "The achievements of the past few years, brought together the effort and sweat, I am on behalf of the company to express my heartfelt thanks and sincere respect; stand a new starting point, we are facing industry competition and economic environment will continue to be fierce and dangerous, I sincerely hope that we prudent and arrogant, continue to carry forward to fight the spirit of tough battle, innovation and cooperation breakthrough, and strive to create greater value for shareholders, for staff development make a greater contribution, hope in the near future, I have the honor to work with everyone in the struggle to win the top of the beautiful scenery!

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