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HX-ADS has been awarded at FBAC

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HX-ADS has been awarded FBAC 2016 Quality Improvement Prize

No pain, no gain. Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. has just accomplished FBAC 2016 Supplier Day & Best supplier awards release. With the help of excellent quality improvement capability and comply with Mercedes-Benz’s “The best or nothing”, Ningbo Huaxiang Automotive Door Systems Co.,Ltd. has been awarded FBAC 2016 Quality Improvement Prize.

NBHXADS has invested the most tooling, gauges, fixtures & equipments and managed the most directed oversea suppliers for VS20 door panel comparing with all other projects. At the same time, we have been succeeded in fulfilling tough surface demanding & PV testing and satisfying customer’s demands of quick project developments, approval and delivery scheduling. Starting from SOP of VS20, we have been delivering over 10,000 qualified products. Although facing up with skyrocketing volume increase and in-depth localization demands, we will keep on working and improving our supply capabilities in all aspects.

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